HEWITT, Evelyn Alice

1881 - 1957

Evelyn Alice Hewitt was born at West Cottage, Wimbledon, Kingston, Surrey on 29 September 1881, daughter of Alfred James Hewitt (1848-24 January 1917), a clerk in the postal service, and his wife Alice née Flack (1854-1937), who married at Greenwich, London in 1877. In 1901, Evelyn was a 19-year-old, living at 95 Blackheath Hill, Greenwich, London with her parents, Alfred 53 and Alice 46, with sibling sister Maud Ludgate 21, but by 1911 they had moved to Lorinzo, Oak Avenue, Christchurch, Hampshire where Evelyn was still living in 1921. A member of the Ipswich Art Club 1932-1957 and exhibited from ‘Brion’, Byng Hall Road, Ufford, Woodbridge in 1932 six works, 'Michaelmas Daisies', 'Corner of the Angel Inn, Woodbridge', 'Looking down New Street, Woodbridge', 'Glover's Court, Woodbridge' and 'Old Houses in the Square, Woodbridge', in 1933 five works, 'Glover's Court, Woodbridge', 'Chess Players', 'Meg', 'Turn Lane' and 'An Old Street', in 1935 four works 'Wallflowers', 'Sleeping Child', 'Sketch in France' and 'Mottle' and in 1937 three, 'Reverie', 'Benjamin of Keyes' and 'Honesty' and was a regular annual exhibitor including in 1943 'In Bruges' and 'Low Tide, Greenwich'. She also exhibited at the Royal Academy. In 1939 she was living at Brion, Byng Hall Lane, Ufford with three unmarried teachers, Alice Donohue (born 1886), Agnes Yearsley (born 1890) and Margaret Greta Weseloh (born 1912). Evelyn Alice Hewitt died at Brion, Byng Hall Lane, Ufford, Woodbridge on 17 December 1957, aged 76, she was unmarried.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 18 Ulundi Road, Blackheath, London
1928 967 David - miniature
         1005 Elizabeth - miniature
from Brion, Ufford, Woodbridge, Suffolk
1929 888 Joyce - miniature
1943 765 The Red Sock - drawing/etching
         766 David - drawing/etching

Works by This Artist