PETTITT, Christopher

1935 - ?

Christopher H. Pettitt was born in Plomesgate, Suffolk in 1935, son of Horace Austen Pettitt (2 December 1904-14 February 1945), a bank securities clerk, and his wife Dorothy Bridget née Vincent (14 March 1906-17 February 2001), who married at Walsingham, Norfolk in 1930 and in 1939 were living at 15 High Road East, Felixstowe, Suffolk. Christopher married at Blyth, Suffolk in 1959, Ann Liquorish. A mostly a self-taught painter with evening classes and personal tuition by local artists and, on retiring from the city in 1990, he concentrated on painting, in watercolour, working on the East Anglian coastal scenery and rural dilapidation in central France. He had his studio at 7 Mere Gardens, Ipswich.

Works by This Artist