HALLS, John James

c.1776 - 1853

John James Halls was baptised at Romford, Essex on 16 May 1776, eldest son of James and Amelia Halls of Colchester, Essex, the family had moved from Romford to Colchester by 1790 when a daughter Elizabeth was born. A painter of history, portraits and landscapes and seems to have worked both in Essex and Suffolk as well as in London. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy from Colchester, Essex in 1791 'A Landscape' but only entered Royal Academy Schools in 1798 after which he exhibited regularly 1799-1827 from various London addresses including in 1799 41 Jermyn Street, in 1807 29 Edward Street, Portman Square, in 1810 19 Argyll Street, 1815-1822 46 Great Marlborough Street and from 1823 until in 1827 from 296 Oxford Street, London when he had on show 'The Young Haymakers: Portrait of the sons of Thomas Wilson, Esq.' He married at St James’s Church, Clerkenwell, London on 2 December 1819, 25-year-old Maria-Anne Sellon (c1795-30 July 1881), second daughter of Baker John Sellon, Serjeant at Arms. In 1831 he edited 'The Life and Adventures of Nathaniel Pearce', and in 1834, 'The Life and Correspondence of Henry Salt, F.R.S.', with a portrait of Salt, painted by Halls, and engraved by Samuel Freeman. John James Halls died at Hampstead, London on 22 July 1853, aged 77, leaving a namesake son John James Halls.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from Colchester
1791 534 Landscape
from 41 Jermyn Street, St James's, London
1799 656 Zephyr and Aurora
1800 247 Creon finding Haemon and Antigone in a cave
from 29 Edward Street, Portman Square
1807 32 The Wizard
         44 Portrait of a Lady
         105 Portrait of Mrs Whitmore
         257 Portrait of Mrs Whitmore
1808 151 Portrait of Mrs Canning
         192 Hero and Leander
         238 Portrait of the Hon. Mr Annesley
1809 222 Portrait of the Right Hon. the Viscount Valentia
         260 Portrait of Admiral Essington
         270 Portrait of a Young Lady
         357 Portrait of the Right Hon. Lady Lucy Barry
         434 Portrait of W. Jacob, Esq., M.P.
from 10 Argyll Street
1810 54 Portrait of a Naval Officer
         202 Portrait of the Rev. J. Smythies
         216 Portrait of a Naval Officer
         261 Portrait of Mrs. Stukely
1812 153 Portrait of Rev. T. Broughton
         177 Portrait of R. Twining, Esq.
         300 Portrait of J. Mills, Esq.
         780 Portrait of a Lady
         782 Portrait of Dr. Denman
from 46 Great Marlborough Street
1815 185 Portrait of the Countess of Portsmouth and her sister Miss Hanson
         189 Portrait of Mr. Kean, in the character of Richard the Third
1816 348 Portrait of Miss J. Herries
         386 Girl going to Bathe
         520 Portrait of Major Herries
         899 Portrait of Col. Herries
1817 227 Portrait of Rear Admiral Sir G. Cockburn
         295 Portrait of Mr. Dalby, Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Millitary College at Farnham
         333 Portrait of Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Gloucester
         351 Portrait of Lady Howard Douglas
1818 58 Portrait of Miss Cooke
         289 Portrait of a Lady
         341 Portrait of R. Twining, jun. Esq.
         382 Portrait of a Gentleman
         407 Portrait of J. H. Merivale, Esq.
1819 204 Portrait of Mrs. R. Broughton
         362 Portrait of a Gentleman
         454 Portrait of Mr. Denman
         518 Portrait of a Gentleman
1820 20 Portrait of M. Hopper, Esq.
         413 Portrait of Mrs. Wm. Harman
         449 Portraits of Mr. Cooke's children, and a favourite pony and spaniel
         527 Portrait of Meerza Jiafer Tabeeb
         599 Portrait of Mrs. Cooke
         620 Portrait of Wm. Cooke, Esq.
         634 Portrait of Edmund Akers, Esq.

Works by This Artist