1886 - 1949

Reg Carter

Reginald Arthur Lay Carter, was born at Granville House, 78 High Street, Southwold, Suffolk on 6 December 1886, second of the two sons of Francis Wilby Carter (1854-1911), painter & decorator, and his wife Barbara née Lay (1855-1933). By 1907 Reg Carter was drawing for Ally Sloper's 'Half Holiday' and other comic papers and had already begun to make a name for himself as a comic picture postcard artist, his first commission being at the age of 17. He has a studio built at the bottom of the garden at Granville House and starts publishing his best-known postcard series 'The Southwold Railway Cartoons'. During the First War, he produces many more cards gently lampooning army life and became a gunner RFA. He started working for the Amalgamated Press in 1920, drawing for Kinema Comic 'The Artful Antics of Babe Hardy' then in Merry and Bright in 1921 'The 'Stonishing Stunts of Ernie Mayne'. In 1922 he started working for The Fleetway Press, a publisher founded by former Amalgamated Press editor Harold Mansfield. Strips he drew for their comics include 'Wireless Willie and Bertie Broadcast' in Monster Comic (1922), 'Nathaniel Nodd' in Golden Penny (1923) and 'Jip, Jumbo and Jock' in Monster Comic (1928). The Fleetway Press was bought out by the Amalgamated Press in 1928, and Carter moved on, working for Mickey Mouse Weekly, 'Troubles of Father', 'Sea Shanties', then for Target Publications in Bath and C. A Ransom in London. When D.C. Thomson launched 'The Beano' in 1937, Carter drew the cover feature, 'Big Eggo' until 1949, and also contributed 'Freddie Flipperfeet' (1947) and 'Peter Penguin' (1948). He left Southwold in the early 1920's and married at Cuckfield, Sussex in 1923, Doris Lilian Williams (1895-1981)x. Of 'Ruffroof', Lancaster Avenue, Haywards Heath, Sussex when he died at Ruthven Lodge Nursing Home, Haywards Heath on 24 April 1949.

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