HUMPHRY, Katharine Maude

1859 - 1946

Katharine Maude Humphry, variously known as Catharine/Maud, but completed the 1911 census as Katharine Maude, was born at 21 Westbourne Park Terrace, Paddington, London on 30 December 1859, daughter of the Sudbury, Suffolk family of Joseph Thomas Humphry (1816-27 December 1887), a barrister-at-law, and his wife Jessie Oliver M'Nab (10 September 1826-15 April 1909), third daughter of Duncan Robert M'Nab, who married at Epping Church, Essex on 29 December 1853. In 1861, Katharine was a 1-year-old, living at Paddington with her parents, 44-year-old Joseph and 34-year-old Jessie with her three younger siblings, Hugh McNab 6, Lawrence 4 and Ethel 3. In 1871, an 11-year-old, staying with her eminent surgeon uncle Sir George Murray Humphry (1820-1896), at The Leys, Trumpington Road, Cambridge, Sir George was also born at Sudbury. By 1881, Katharine was a 21-year-old art student, living at 25 Princes Square, Paddington with her parents and siblings. On 11 October 1892, her uncle Sir George Murray Humphry, made a presentation to the Borough of Sudbury at the Town Hall, Sudbury, of a portrait of himself and one of George William Andrews, a former Mayor of Sudbury, both being painted by Sir George's niece, K. Maude Humphry. In 1911, Katharine was living on 'private means' at 6 Sheffield Terrace, Kensington with her 43-year-old brother Godfrey Wood Humphry, an artist in stained glass, with two indoor servants. In 1939, she was living at Forstal Hall, Forstall Hall Road, Tenterden, Kent with an invalid older sister Ethel, three servants including a sick nurse. As Katherine Maude Humphry, she died at The Forstal, Appledore, Kent on 25 November 1946, aged 86, she was unmarried.

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