GRIMWOOD, Herbert Charles

1880 - 1966

Herbert Charles Grimwood, was born at Cambridge in 1880, son of Florence Grimwood. Herbert studied at Colchester and with Edwin McGowan in Ireland. A working manager and marble mason and carver, he married at Colchester, Essex in 1906, Mary Richards. In 1911, a 30 year old monumental marble mason, living at 39 Cemetery Road, Ipswich with his 29 year old wife Mary and their son, Herbert Henry (1908-1982) and his 56 year old widowed mother Florence. Herbert exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1928 from 26 Hervey Street, Ipswich. As Herbert Charles Grimwood, a member of the Ipswich Art Club 1932-1939 and exhibited from Hervey Street, Ipswich in 1932 two sculptures, a head of a boy 'Peter' and a portrait bust 'Mary'. His work was illustrated in 'The Times' and his principal works were 'Life's Triumph Statue'; St Felix Statue, sculptured group for the Colchester War Memorial; a bust of Viscount Cowdray and a memorial to Revd John Hervey. He was of 20 Levington Lane, Bucklesham, Ipswich when he died at the Ipswich & East Suffolk Hospital, Anglesea Road, Ipswich on 6 April 1966, aged 88. The head of Sir Thomas Wolsey above the side door to the Wolsey Art Gallery at Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich which has also been ascribed to Alan Waddington Bellis [q.v.] who may have been the designer. Grimwood signed his work 'H. Chas. Grimwood'.

the son
Herbert Henry Grimwood, was born at Ipswich on 23 August 1908, son of Herbert Charles Grimwood, monumental mason, and his wife Mary née Richards, who married at Colchester, Essex in 1906. In 1911, a 2 year old, living at 39 Cemetery Road, Ipswich with his parents, 30 year old Herbert and 29 year old Mary, with his grandmother 56 year old Florence, born Thornham, Norfolk. He married at Woodbridge, Suffolk in 1937, Dorothy Lily Scarfe and in 1939, a monumental stone mason on his own account, living at 39 Cemetery Road, Ipswich with his wife Dorothy (16 February 1905-25 October 1989). Herbert died at 31 Lacey Street, Ipswich on 18 April 1982.

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