1952 - ?

Geraldine Patey

As Geraldine Stevenson, she was born at Ipswich in 1952, daughter of Charles Francis Stevenson (5 May 1908-30 September 1999) and his second wife Marion Christine née Lee (22 July 1920-1971) who married in 1947. Geraldine married at Ipswich in 1979, Peter J. Patey and paints under the name Geraldine Patey or Geraldine Stevenson-Patey. Painting in acrylic, oil, watercolour and drawing and has developed painting with acrylic on velvet or velour paper which she demonstrates to students, but prefers to work with oil on velvet for herself. A professional artist and musician and has developed a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for those interested in this new kind of workshop. Her main objective is to inspire, encourage and help individuals develop their own styles. Her interest is in artists and musicians from mid 1700ís to early 1900ís, where they influenced each others works to develop more freedom to explore and move outside the boundaries. An Associate Member Suffolk Open Studios from 81 Priory Court, Priory Park, Nacton, Ipswich.

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