GOYDER, Alice Kirkby

1875 - 1964

Alice Kirkby Goyder was born at Bradford, Yorkshire on 8 December 1875, eldest of the four surviving children of Dr David George Goyder (28 December 1829-22 January 1920), a medical practitioner, and his wife Anne Eliza née Thomas (1844-1 May 1900), second daughter of Robert Thomas, surgeon, of Rawdon, near Leeds, who married at St Mary's Church, Moseley on 20 July 1871. Alice was a granddaughter of Dr David George Goyder (1 March 1796-29 June 1878) the Swedenborgian, who kept a chemist’s shop at Norwich Road, Ipswich. Alice studied at Bradford School of Art and at Louise Jane Jopling (1843-1933) School of Art, specialising in depicting animals and won a silver medal at the Women's Exhibition in 1897, she also studied in London. In 1911, Alice was a 36-year-old artist, living at 88 Great Horton Road, Bradford with her 81-year-old widowed father and her 34-year-old brother Francis Willoughby Goyder, a consulting surgeon. A watercolour painter, etcher and dry point artist, she exhibited at the Royal Academy also showing at the Birmingham Royal Society of Artists; Walker Art Gallery; Manchester City Art Gallery and the Society of Women Artists. Elected a member of Ipswich Art Club in 1924, exhibiting from 55a East Street, Faversham, Kent in 1927, four watercolours 'Orford Castle by Moonlight', 'Cordle's Cottage', 'Shingle Street' and 'On the Mountain Side', in 1932 from Little Marley, Gedgrave Road, Orford, Suffolk four watercolours 'The Snow Cloud', 'Running Water', 'The Attic' and 'Haunted', in 1937 two watercolours 'The Old Cartshed' and 'The Letter' and two carvings 'The Faun' and 'Thirst', and she remained a member and regular annual exhibitor until her death. In 1939, an artist animal painter, living at Little Marley, Gedgrave Road, Orford, Suffolk and exhibited at the Art Club in 1941, a sculpture 'Two Little Pigs', in 1942 two sculptures 'The Black Cat' and 'An Old Horse', in 1943 a sculpture 'Suffolk Mare and Foal' and in 1944, two sculptures 'A Cherub' and 'On the Trail'. At the Club centenary exhibition in 1974 an etching 'The Centaur' was on show. She was the author and illustrator of 'The Dignity of the Race' (Manchester 1894), a children's cat story with illustrations. Alice Kirkby Goyder was of Little Marley, Orford, Suffolk when she died at 38 Southborough Road, Bromley, Kent on 20 February 1964, aged 89, she was unmarried.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 88 Great Horton Road, Bradford, Yorkshire
1899 511 Shere Khan - 'The Jungle Book'
         1493 Some drawings of Animals - drawings
1900 1612 Four drawings of Tigers - drawings
1901 624 'Sub luna'
1903 670 Hostilities
1913 1584 The Mill Girl - drawing/etching
from 55a East Street, Faversham, Kent
1922 912 The Rising of the Moon - watercolour
1924 835 Nuit Blanche - watercolour
from Little Marley, Orford, Suffolk
1930 800 The Little Widow - watercolour
1934 964 Moonlight - watercolour
1935 936 Suffolk Cottages - watercolour
1939 818 A Corner of Langdale - watercolour

Works by This Artist