1734 - 1819

Quinton's Book Label

George Quinton, was born at Wetheringsett-cum-Brockford, Suffolk and baptised on 8 June 1734, eldest child of George Quinton and his wife Mary née Tye, who married in 1732. He married twice, his first wife was Mary Adams who were married at the adjoining village of Mendlesham on 9 March 1756 and after having several children, all baptised at Wetheringsett, Mary died and was buried on 23 May 1769. George later married, Frances and may have had further issue as there are several births recorded in the Wetheringsett registers. One of his patrons was agriculturist Arthur Young (1741-1820) of Bradfield St George, Suffolk. From the early 1800's, George's decorative book label design was offered for supply to printers by William Davison (1780-1858) of Alnwick, Northumberland and may have been obtained through Bury St Edmund's stationer & postmaster Philip Deck (1745-1804), whose shop, next to the Norman Tower, Quinton painted and titled 'Saxon Tower'. Quinton was buried at Wetheringsett All Saints' on 11 February 1819, aged 85.

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