HEASMAN, Vera Gwendoline Gertrude

1910 - 1999

As Vera Gwendoline Gertrude Howell, she was born at St James Road, Hereford on 3 March 1910, second daughter of Edward Barnes Howell (4 April 1868-24 January 1951), cycle agent, and his wife Gertrude née Morgan (21 October 1883-20 July 1968), who married at Wembley, London in 1905. Vera married at Hereford in 1939, John Gratwicke Hamilton Heasman (11 April 1906-10 December 1967), a civil engineer for Cambridge County Council who, in 1939, was living at 39 Eachard Road, Cambridge, whilst his wife was an art mistress, living at 14 Commercial Road, Hereford with her parents. In 1963, she painted an oil of The Gasworks, Tayfen Road, Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk. Her husband died at 'Eothan', Ousden, near Bury St Edmund's on 10 December 1967 and Vera Gwendoline Gertrude Heasman died at Worcester on 19 October 1999.

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