WRAGG, Ronald F

1939 - ?

Born at 29 Browning Road, Ipswich in 1939, son of Frederick James Wragg (1911-1978) and his wife Lily Doris née Davey (17 August 1910-1991), who married at Ipswich in 1935. Brought up near the busy Ipswich Docks, full of majestic Thames barges and his affair with the Deben began when, a teenager in the mid 1950ís he went for the first time to Felixstowe Ferry. By contrast Felixstowe Ferry with its little fishing boats looked quaint and old fashioned, and pleasantly scruffy, but he recognised the hulls of half a dozen old flying boats, wingless and propped up on the shore where now the house-boats are moored. He wandered round, lost in a world that seemed slow and comfortable, governed by tides and not clocks. As an amateur photographer he has taken many photographs of the Deben in all its moods and tides, and used many of the photographs as material for his paintings. He married at Ipswich in 1965, Hazel G. Stevens (born 1942) and has his studio at Brookfield Road, Ipswich.

Works by This Artist