MOSSE, Sarah

1964 - ?

Sarah Mosse

Sarah L. Mosse, was born in Haslemere, Surrey in 1964, daughter of Richard Kemble Mosse (1925-1981) and his wife Patricia A. née Cooper, who married at Marylebone, London in 1957. Sarah studied on a Foundation Course at Hereford College of Art 1982-1983 and gained a BA Hons degree in 3D Design from Middlesex University, London 1983-1987 and pursued a successful career as a designer although was always painting when time allowed. She was offered the opportunity to paint alongside highly acclaimed artist Andrew Gifford (born 1970) in his Dordogne studio. Through him she built upon technical skills, particularly how to use glazes to build up the layers that give her oil paintings the soft atmospheric style for which she has become known. Sarah works predominately in oil on wooden panel and shares her time between her studio in South-West France and Oakley, Suffolk. An appreciation of nature has deepened into an understanding of the poetry of the french landscape as she continues to analyse the disposition of colours in the countryside and villages in rural France. Exploring the reversal of this theme, Sarah is also enticed by night scenes where artificial light spilling from shopfronts and street lights is alienating, giving one a sense of looking at the scene from a position of detachment.

Works by This Artist