1940 - 2017

Mike Holtom

Michael George Holtom was born at Birmingham in March 1940, son of Alfred George Holtom (2 August 1910-23 February 2003) and his wife Dorothy Mary née Cooper (27 July 1916-1986), who married at Birmingham in 1939. Mike came to painting late in life, having worked for most of his life as a baker. As a mature student, he studied Fine Art at Coventry University and gained a B.A. (hons) and painted full-time for several years. He lived at Southwold on the Suffolk Coast and although not always immediately apparent, his work found inspiration in landscape, both rural and urban such as roads, rails, distant horizons, telephone wires, buildings, hills with mountains, trees and skies, rivers and oceans all finding their way into Mike's abstract paintings. His working process involved drawing, painting, repainting, rubbing out and scraping off with frequent changes of mind as the work progresses and the history of the finished painting can often be discerned, layer upon layer, as in the landscape itself. He donated to the 'Westhall Secret Postcard Auction' in 2013, an acrylic 'Beach Scene 2' and in 2014 'Sole Bay 55'. Michael George Holtom lived at Jubilee Cottage, 40 Victoria Street, Southwold and died on 23 February 2017.

Works by This Artist