NORMAN, Barbara

1935 - ?

As Barbara H. D. Pethen, she was born at Poole, Dorset in 1935, daughter of Harry Pethen (24 June 1910-27 April 1954), an insurance manager, and his wife Phyllis Irene née Allen (15 February 1910-1996), who married at Parkstone, Poole on 4 October 1934. Barbara married at Poole in 1955, Michael Radford Norman. As Barbara Norman, a Life Member of the Ipswich Art Club and exhibited from Half Acre, Main Road, Woolverstone, Ipswich in 1980, 'Along the Orwell between Woolverstone and Pin Mill' and from the same address in 1990, an acrylic on paper 'Spring' and from the same address in 1997, two paintings 'Still Waters' and 'Stillness'. In 2013 Barbara Norman selected the painting or drawing for the annual Anna Airy Award at the Ipswich Art Society.

Works by This Artist