TIMSON, Enid Rosalind

1906 - 1994

Born at 'Engadine', Bective Road, Wandsworth, London SW1, on 12 November 1906, daughter of Leonard Bailey Timson (1879-1936), a draughtsman, and his wife Emma née Mayhew (1876-1975), who married at Wandsworth in 1904. In 1911, a 4 year old living at 'Engadine', Bective Road, Wandsworth with her parents, 32 year old Leonard and 34 year old Emma, who was born at Harkstead, near Ipswich. In 1939, Enid, a shorthand typist at the Home Office where she had worked since 1931, and her mother, now a widow, were living at Merle Cottage, Rectory Close, Ashtead, Leatherhed, Surrey but after the war moved to Ipswich where her mother died in 1975, aged 98. A Friend of the Ipswich Art Club and exhibited from 'Engadine', Ipswich Road, Harkstead, Ipswich in 1978 'Spanish Broom'. She died at Ipswich in 1994, and buried at Harkstead church beside her mother, she was unmarried.

Works by This Artist