ROWE, Kathleen

1912 - 2005

As Kathleen Allen, she was born on 5 January 1912. In 1939, an unmarried tailoress, living at 3a Packard Avenue, Ipswich, the home of Frederick Douglas Peck, an army instructor, and his family. She married at Ipswich in 1940, Sudbury, Suffolk born James Stanley Rowe (19 September 1912-10 April 1940), a naval leading steward, who drowned on the 10 April 1940, aged 27, when his destroyer HMS Hunter was sunk during the First Battle of Narvik. She married secondly at Ipswich in 1941, Kenneth Jack Ellis (5 January 1909-24 March 1978). As Kathleen Rowe, a member of the Ipswich Art Club and exhibited from 13 Grimstone Lane, Trimley St Martin, Suffolk in 1977, a 'Still Life with Copper Kettle' and a further picture the following year and exhibited from 21 Guston Gardens, Kirton, Felixstowe in 1990, three pictures 'Still Life with Lentil Bar', 'Autumn Flowers' and 'Kirton Church' and in 1997 she exhibited 'The Secret Garden' and 'In the Orchard'. She died at Trimley St Martin on 23 April 2005.