1943 - ?

Michael Milburn Foster

Michael Milburn-Foster, was born in the Bangor district, Caernarvonshire North Wales in 1943, his mother's maiden name was Smith. His father, who was an excellent draughtsman, taught him drawing and painting as a youngster. Later Michael studied at a London art school, being fascinated by the moving image, especially the human figure in motion and soon after leaving school became interested in film making and worked as a film director for almost thirty years, but throughout his time in films also continued to work as an artist. An associate member of the Ipswich Art Club 1956-1971 and, as a 20 year old, exhibited from 23 Pinecroft Road, Ipswich in 1964 an oil painting, 'So we all sat under the Table', but does not seem to have exhibited at Ipswich Art Club again. He is now committed entirely to painting in oil, attempting to create the illusion of movement in a static image. He started by using the sequence photographs of Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) as source material but now uses still frames from videos that he has taken of models and professional dancers performing in his studio. From this he does a great many drawings, overlaying two or more often three positions before selecting those lines and shapes that best describe the movement, working through a reduction process until arriving at the final composition. He married at Westminster, London in 1982, Anne L. Beazley and they lived at The Old Farmhouse, Andover, Hampshire but has his studio in the South of France. Michael has exhibited at the International Art Fair in Monaco and in 2013 was selected as one of the three best painters and has an international following.

Works by This Artist