HOPKING, Mildred Marion

1877 - ?

Mildred Marion Hopking, was born at Hackney, London in 1877, daughter of George Hopking, a tea dealer of Watlington, Norfolk, and his wife Mary Ann née Holmes, who married at Hackney in 1865. In 1881, a 3 year old, living at 25 Downs Park Road, Hackney with her parents, 42 year old George and 37 year old Marianne, who were both born in Norfolk, with siblings Lucy Helen Eyre (1866-1944), Alice Mary (1867-1931), Edith Emily (born 1867), Frank (1876-1961) and several other siblings including Noel Herbert Hopking [q.v.]. An honorary member of the Ipswich Art Club 1946-1951, exhibiting from Wenham Hill, Great Wenham, near Ipswich in 1950, two watercolours 'The Lamp Lighter' and 'Zephyr in the Grass' and in 1951 'When Winter Comes'. In 1937 her brother Frederick George Hopking, a marine underwriter, born at Hackney on 11 March 1874 was living at Wenham Hill, and where he died on 13 June 1965, but he had sold the contents of Wenham Hill by auction in 1962.