ROBERTS, Lieut. William

1782 - 1852

Born in August 1782 and entered the Navy on 1 April 1803 and in January 1807 attained the rating of Midshipman and promoted Acting-Lieutenant of the 'Alcmène' 38, Capt. Jeremiah Coghlan, stationed in the Mediterranean on which he continued until 10 months after his official promotion on 2 February 1815. He has since had temporary command serving in the 'Dasher' from 13 February to 6 August 1838 and of various packets on the Falmouth station, and appears, in the whole, to have made as many as 15 voyages. As Lieut Roberts, a member of the Ipswich Art Club 1875-1876. This is probably William Walter Roberts, a naval captain, the father of Clarinda Roberts [q.v.] and Rosa Roberts [q.v.]. Although listed as a member, and although both his daughters exhibited no painting were found for their father. He died on 13 October 1852.