1810 - 1893

Orlando Whistlecraft

Orlandi Whistlecraft, was born at Wetheringsett, Suffolk on 11 November 1810, son of James Whistlecraft (1779-1867), a farmer, and his wife Susan Brooke née English, who married at Thwaite, Suffolk in January 1810. Educated at a school kept by Thomas Bell at Stowmarket and at Robert Burcham Clamp’s [q.v.] school in St Nicholas Street, Ipswich and after a period of teaching for Clamp, he made a living in journalism, writing pamphlets and weather almanacs. In 1829 he returned to live at Thwaite where he opened a school and on 28 March 1834 married at Thwaite, Elizabeth Kate Rush. He gave up his school, and during 1843-1851 was in partnership with his brother James (1803-1854) trading as James & Orlando Whistlecraft, stationers & general shopkeepers at Thwaite. In 1855, on his own account as druggist, stationer, author & publisher, living with his wife in a small cottage on the Ipswich Road, Thwaite with their issue being baptised at Thwaite, Diana Elizabeth on 10 August 1834; Orlando, junr on 14 May 1837; Amelia Susan and Arthur on 17 July 1850. An amateur artist and in 1865, a grocer, meteorologist, author of weather almanacks & natural history and in 1881, a grocer, author & publisher still living at the shop on the Ipswich Road, Thwaite with his 70 year old wife Elizabeth, born Stonham Parva and unmarried children, 42 year old Caroline, a dressmaker and 40 year old Arthur, a draper’s assistant, both born at Thwaite. 1883-1893 a shopkeeper at the same address where he died in some poverty on 27 February and buried at Thwaite St George Church on 3 March 1893, after which the business was continued by his wife but she followed Orlando on 8 February 1894, aged 83. (Copsey-Suffolk Book Trades. 2012)

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