McGREGOR, Kathie

1968 - ?

Kathie Louise McGregor was born at Ipswich, daughter of an artist who encouraged her painting before her schooldays, teaching her to draw, paint, and the importance of detail in the initial sketch which decided her into following in her fatherís footsteps and become an artist. Kathie, for many years painted with watercolours, a medium that she loved, also combining other mediums, such as oils or acrylics. Kathie is inspired by the arts, 1930-50s movies, and French movies, obtaining her images from photographs, imagination or magazines and her work is inspired by colour, architecture, and life, and she has travelled in France and elsewhere in her work. She has had A solo show in Ipswich at the Chambers Art Gallery and many mixed exhibitions across East Anglia and invited to be on to the Saatchi Gallery website where she had eight paintings on show.

Works by This Artist