WARDEN, Evelina Eleanor

1873 - 1977

As Evelina Eleanor Pyne, also known as Eva Nellie, she was born at Moseley, Surrey on 13 January 1873, second daughter of Thomas Pyne [q.v.] and his first wife Katharine Susan née Salter, who married at Hampstead in 1871. In 1881, an 8 year old, living at 56 Upper Park Road, Hampstead with her parents, 37 year old Thomas and 32 year old Katharine and two sibling sisters, Katharine Annie 9 [Pyne q.v.] and Mary Florence 7 [Pyne q.v.], and ten years later were still living at Upper Park Road, Hampstead, when the three girls are noted as 'art student'. In 1901, a 28 year old portrait painter, living at 82 Huddleston Road, Islington, London with her two sisters Annie 29 and Mary 26, both satin wood painters, their parents are missing from the 1901 census probably due to their move to Dedham, Essex. Evelina Eleanor (Eva Nellie) married at Islington in 1901, Alexander Warden and in 1911, a 38 year old living at Cathcart Hill North, Islington with her 36 year old husband, a clerkship, who was born at Chittagony, India on 8 May 1874, and their two daughters Marjorie Catherine 7 and (Eva)lena Mary (born 6 September 1904). As Eva Warden, a member of the Ipswich Art Club 1929-1934 exhibiting from 40 Park Chase, Wembley Park, London in 1929, six works three oils 'Study and Fruit', 'Loganberries' and 'Portrait Study' and three miniatures 'Happy Hours', 'A Court Lady' and 'Portrait of a Child', six pictures in 1930, six in 1931 and in 1932 six pictures 'A Lady of Yesterday', 'Coquette', 'A Water Baby', 'Water Nymph', 'Princess Elizabeth' and 'My Father' and in 1933 four small pictures 'My Daughter Lena', 'Self Portrait', 'The Little Bridesmaid' and 'Hillery', her last four exhibits were in 1934 'Hilary', 'Bambino', 'Snow Drop' and 'Ellar'. In 1939, she was living at 'Aysgarth', Woodstock Road, Ploughley, Oxfordshire with her husband Alexander, and her unmarried sister Katharine Annie. Her husband died at The Grange, Mickfield, Suffolk on 9 May 1959 and Eveline followed in 1977.