SMITH, Frank Henry

1884 - 1966

Frank Henry Smith, was born on 10 October 1884. He married at Ipswich in 1922, Gladys Lilian Alice Sames (10 April 1898-9 October 1980). A member of the Ipswich Art Club 1923-1942 exhibiting from 34 Gainsborough Road, Ipswich in 1927, two watercolours 'Cowdrey Park, Sussex' and 'River Stour from Wrabness' and in 1932 from 'Reed Holton', Bucklesham Road, Ipswich, two watercolours 'Trees at Martlesham' and 'Summer Evening, Benhall Green' and in 1933 from 'Thackeray', Sea Road, Felixstowe, three watercolours 'On the Banks of the Stour', 'Ferrington Woods' and 'Near Blewberry, Berkshire' and in 1935, two oils 'Loch Morlich, Scotland' and 'Berkshire Downs'. In 1939, a manager & director of a general store, living at 5 Manor Road, Ipswich with his wife Gladys and exhibited at the Art Club in 1941, three works 'Langham Valley', 'In Easton Park' and 'Rothemurchis Forest' and in 1942 'Dunblain Bridge' and 'Winter Scene'. He died at Ipswich in 1966, aged 84.