SHUTE, Alfred

1873 - 1960

Born at Paignton, Devon on 17 September 1873, twin son with Walter, of George Shute, a gardener, and his wife Mabel A., who married at Paignton in 1862. In 1881, a 7 year old living at Cross, Paignton with his parents, 46 year old George and 39 year old Susan and his six siblings, William H. 18, Margaret J 15, George E. 12, Alice E. 10, Walter 7 and Ernest B. 5, all born in Devon. He married at St Georges Hanover Square, London in 1897, Helena Lemin and they came to Ipswich where in 1901, 27 year old Alfred was a foreman compositor living at 52 Handford Road with his 27 year old wife Helena, their children Clifford Walter 2 and newly born Gwendoline Audrey and his unmarried sister-in-law Alice Lemin 16. In 1911 a printers manager living at 18 Bristol Road, Ipswich with his wife and another child Maurice Alfred 4. In 1939 managing director of Ipswich Printing Company living at 4 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich with his wife. A honorary member of the Ipswich Art Club 1935-1956 but does not seem to have exhibited but his company did print the annual catalogues. His wife, who was born 31 January 1874 died at Ipswich in 1957, aged 83 and Alfred followed in 1960, aged 86.