ROE, Charles Edward

1862 - 1940

Charles Edward Roe was born at 14 King's Road, Cambridge on 14 January 1862, son of Robert Roe (c1792-31 July 1880), a print-seller, and his wife (Eliza) Maria Plees (18 May 1828-17 December 1901), daughter of Revd William George Plees, vicar of Ashbocking, Suffolk, who married at St Matthew's Church, Ipswich on 1 September 1859, when Robert with his wife returned to live at Cambridge, Charles's brother was Fred Roe. In 1871, Charles was a 9-year-old, living at 14 King's Parade, Cambridge with his parents, 69-year-old Robert and 42-year-old Maria and his two brothers Gordon 10 and Alfred 6. His father died at Cambridge in 1880, aged 78 and in 1881 his widow was running the print-seller & gilders shop at Kings Parade, Cambridge with her three sons, all 'artist (painter)'s' and had living with them Maria's sister, a visitor, two lodgers and two servants. Charles's widowed mother Maria then moved to Ipswich where Charles married in 1890, Alice Mary Cookson (25 July 1866-9 June 1941) and in 1891, a 29-year-old theological student, living at the home of his mother Maria, at 'Morecombe' 55 Henley Road, Ipswich together with Charles's 24-year-old wife Alice. Like his brother, (Alfred) Fred, a member of the Ipswich Art Club 1887-1888, and exhibited from Boscombe House, Anglesea Road, Ipswich in 1887, three works 'Handford Farm', 'Quiet Nook, Boss Hall, near the Gipping' and 'Winter Fuel' and in the following year 'By the River Stour, Dedham' but unlike his brother did not continue as an artist. In 1901, Charles was a clergyman, living at Warden's Lodge, House of Mercy, Great Maplestead, Essex with his wife Alice and two servants but by 1911 they had moved to 6 Alfred Road, Brighton, Sussex. 1921-1939, a clerk in holy orders, living at Cortina, Buxted, Uckfield, Sussex with his invalid wife Alice Mary and where Charles Edward Roe died on 4 August 1940, aged 78, they had no issue. His portrait was painted by his brother Fred Roe in 1879 and is at Buckinghamshire County Museum.

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