POULTER, John Arthur

1824 - 1921

John Arthur Poulter, was born at Horsley Down, Southwark, Surrey on 16 May 1824, son of John Poulter and his wife Mary Elizabeth, who married on 19 September 1820, they were a non-conformist family and John jun. birth is registered at the Society of Friends QM, Surrey. John, jun. started his career as a pen-cutter at Coppice Row, Clerkenwell and was in the same trade, living at 2 Gloster Court, St Luke, London 1851-1861. He married at St Giles's Camberwell, Surrey on 27 August 1868, Harriette Mary Pace (c1823-8 May 1911) and in 1871, a 46 year old varnish manufacturer, living at Harders Court, Harders Road, Camberwell with his 47 year old wife Harriette, who was born at Bristol. In 1881, John was a 56 year old 'fundholder', on a visit to Avling Flowers and his family at Great White, Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, whilst his 57 year old 'retired varnish manufacturer's wife' was living at 10 Oak Villas, Merton, Surrey and by 1891 they had moved to Bury, St Ives, Huntingdonshire. In 1901, a 'landscape painter & etcher' still at St Ives with his wife. Whilst living at St Ives he made etchings of the Huntingdonshire landscape, concentrating on the Bury village where he lived and the next village of Ramsey. A member of Ipswich Art Club 1897-1902 exhibiting from Bury, Huntingdon in 1897, eleven pictures 'Turf Ricks on the Fens', 'Sunny Morning over the Fens', 'Fenland', 'Fen River and Boats', 'Inn Yard, Ramsey', 'Arch of Tower, Bury Church, Hunts', 'Peterborough Market Place', 'Bury Church, Hunts', 'Ramsey Abbey', 'Studies in Fenland' and 'Norman Doorway, Bury Church', in 1898 he had seven paintings on show which seem to have been his last. In 1911, John was an 86 year old, on private means, living at 122 Camberwell Grove, London with his 86 year old retired private schoolmistress wife and retained a servant, they had no issue. Harriette died on 8 May 1911 and John Arthur Poulter died at 122 Camberwell Grove, Camberwell on 15 March 1921, aged 96. The Norris Museum at St Ives, Huntingdonshire held a Special Exhibition of his work in 2006, which hold a collection of his works.

Works by This Artist