1923 - ?

As Peggy W. Tortice, she was born in the Samford district of Suffolk in 1923, daughter of Arthur Tortice and his wife a Miss Payne-Waller. She married at Ipswich in 1943, Walter Clive McDonald (1919-1974) and painted under the name of Peggy McDonald. An oil painter and a member of the Ipswich Art Club from 1958, exhibiting from 80 Hogarth Road, Ipswich in 1958, two pictures 'Rain Clouds' and 'Delphiniums', in 1958 'Darnholme, Yorkshire' and 'Autumn Glory' and in 1959 'Staverton Forest' and 'Sea Poppies, Rye Harbour' and in 1974 'Old Cottage, Butley Mill' and 'Pink Poppies'. She married secondly at Ipswich in 1974, Frederick Walter Warner (1909-1982).