LADELL, Edward

1821 - 1886

Edward Ladell

Edward Ladell was born at Hasketon, Suffolk on 12 April and baptised on 12 June 1821, son of Christmas Ladell (1792-14 November 1874) and his wife Mary née Birch (1797-21 August 1864), who married at Hasketon on 21 January 1821. By 1841 they had moved to Colchester, Essex where Christmas Ladell was a coachbuilder on East Hill. Edward originally followed in his father's trade and was a self-taught artist who became recognised for his faithful depictions of arranged fruit and objects in his still-life paintings using the same articles repeatedly, a wine glass, fruit, flowers, and sometimes a bird's nest, a casket, or carved mug and other objects, on a marble ledge draped with an oriental rug. His work was much sought after and often ensured flattering notices from the leading representative journals. He married at St James's Church, Colchester on 12 July 1848, 26-year-old Julianna Roofe, second daughter of Charles Bell Roofe (1782-1845) of High Street, Colchester. In 1861 the Ladell's were living at 15 East Hill, Colchester but Julianna died followed by their young daughter, Kate Elizabeth who died on 13 May 1861, aged 11 months. He married again at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk on 21 October 1878, 23-year-old Ellen Maria Levett, Ellen Maria Ladell, they also had one child, son Kenwyn Ladell (1879-27 January 1965), born in Torquay, who in 1901 was a 21-year-old railway clerk, boarding at 60 Mallinson Road, Battersea. Edward was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy 1856-1886 as well as at the British Institute and Suffolk Street. After a couple of years in Torquay, in 1879 they moved to Exeter, Devon. Edward Ladell, formerly of Dagmar Place, St Sidwells, Exeter, died at his home, Kenwyn Lodge, 1 Prospect Park, St Sidwells, Exeter on 9 November 1886, being survived by his wife who married again at St James's Church, Exeter on 28 April 1889, George Turner White. Ladell's work can be found in museums in Bristol City Art Gallery; Colchester and Essex Museum; Exeter, Royal Albert Memorial Museum and in galleries in Harrogate; Reading and Sheffield.

Royal Academy Exhibits
1856 from East Hill, Colchester
437 Study from Nature
1859 126 Fruit
1860 179 Fruit and Flowers
1861 144 Fruit
1862 99 Fruit
1863 492 Fruit and Still Life
1864 10 Fruit and Still Life
1868 157 Fruit
1870 1007 Poppies and Roses
1871 59 Fruit and Still Life
1872 397 Fruit and Still Life
1873 154 Fruit and Still Life
1874 979 Birds from Nature
         1026 Fruit and Still Life
1875 103 Fruit and Still Life
1876 540 Fruit and Still Life
1878 1028 Mallard and Savoy
1880 from 99 St Sidwell's, Exeter
1026 Prawns
1881 943 Roses and Still Life
1886 from Kenwyn Lodge, Exeter
490 Fruit and Still Life

Works by This Artist