CONSTABLE, Lionel Bicknell

1828 - 1887

Lionel Bicknell Constable

Lionel Bicknell Constable, was born at Hampstead, London on 23 May 1828, seventh and last child of John Constable [q.v.] and his wife Maria née Bicknell. At least five of Constableís seven children also drew or painted and he seems to have taught himself landscape painting almost entirely by studying his fatherís work, and invariably worked on a small scale, his largest canvases being only about 12 x 14 ins. Lionel Bicknell, who was also a photographer, specialised in landscape painting and exhibited examples of his work at the Royal Academy 1849-1855 and at the British Institute, London. Until the late 1970ís, many of the works now attributed to Lionel, were mistakenly thought to have been painted by his father and although a variety of work by him are now known, his full range is still uncertain. Lionel Constable was an unusual artist, although he exhibited as a professional at the Royal Academy and made other attempts to sell his work, he did not depend on painting for a living and was able to give it up after his brother Alfredís tragic death in 1853. In 1881, a 52 year old 'interest on money' living at 64 Hamilton Terrace, St John's Wood, London with his unmarried sisters, 61 year old Maria Louisa and 56 year old Isobel. He died at his St Johnís Wood home on 20 June 1887, leaving an estate of just under £10,000.

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