1867 - 1949

Evelyn Johnson was born at Bickley, Kent on 6 April 1867, daughter of William Ezekiel Johnson (c1823-8 April 1870), a railway accountant, and his wife Mary Easter née Barber (1821-27 June 1902), who married at Lewisham in 1852. Her father, in his position on the railways, moved around the London and Kent areas until his death in London in 1870, aged 47. Evelyn was a member of the Ipswich Art Club 1888-1906 and exhibited from Camden Road, Chislehurst in 1888, five pictures 'A River Sketch', 'A Creek, Gatehampton', 'Wolsey's Gate', 'Pauls Cray Common' and 'Gatehampton Farm' and in 1897 from 4 The Terrace, Richmond Hill, London, seven watercolours five entitled 'Figure Studies' also 'The Tug Era' and 'Deep Calms of Space' and in 1905, from Henfield Place, Henfield, Sussex, two watercolours 'Roses' and 'Twickenham Ferry' with her last exhibit in 1906 a watercolour, 'Autumn' but had been a regular exhibitor. In 1891, Evelyn was a 24-year-old governess, living at Iddesleigh, Westridge Road, South Stoneham, Southampton with her mother, and sister Grace and three grandchildren, but by 1901, Evelyn, her 74-year-old mother, income from investments, had moved to 26 Cardigan Street, Ipswich. In 1921 she was on holiday at Felixstowe, Suffolk and in 1939, living on own means, a visitor at the Connaught Court Hotel, West Hill, Bournemouth, Dorset. Evelyn Johnson died at 22 Rosemount Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth on 11 November 1949, aged 82, she was unmarried.

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