HACKMAN, Detmar Albert

1934 - ?

Detmar Albert Hackman

Detmar Albert Hackman was born at Tientsin, China on 3 November 1934, second son of Albert Julius Hackman (1 November 1881-19 October 1964), a merchant, and his wife Helen Margaret Isabella Paterson (23 October 1902-17 February 1978), only daughter of William Paterson, a merchant, of Broomlands, Dumfries, Scotland, who married in Shanghai on 2 April 1932. Detmar was educated at Gordonstoun School and was a director, amongst others, of a wholesale pharmaceutical supplies company in Saxmundham, Suffolk. An associate member of the Ipswich Art Club 1953-1956 and exhibited from Hall Barn, Mill Lane, Stratford St Andrew in 1956, a watercolour 'Now from the Sixth Hour there was Darkness', which seems to have been his only exhibit. He married in the Deben District of Suffolk in 2001, Eun-Hee Kim and was still at Saxmundham in 2023.