WYBROO, Edgar Harry

1861 - 1931

Edgar Wybroo

Born at 12 Edward Street, Newington, Surrey in January 1861, third child of Arthur Charles Thomas Whybroo, a barrister's clerk, and his wife Anne Elizabeth née Dalton, who married at St Saviours, Southwark in 1855. In 1881 a 20 year old shorthand writer living at 116 Clapham Park Road, Wandsworth with his parents, 46 year old Arthur and 41 year old Anne, with five siblings, Annie M. L. 24, Arthur J. W. 22, Alice Jessie 13 and twins Florence and Winifred 4. He married at Wandsworth in 1886, Caroline Gertrude Hodgetts (1867-1937). In 1911, a 50 year old solicitor living at Rothhampstead Avenue, Harpenden, Hertfordshire with his 44 year old wife Caroline and three children, Jessica 10, Joyce 5 and a newly born unnamed son, and kept three indoor servants. As Asst. Chief Solicitor of the old Great Eastern Railway, he retired to Woodbridge, Suffolk and, as an amateur painter and wood carver, was a member of the Ipswich Art Club 1927-1930, but exhibited from The White House, Melton, Woodbridge in 1926 two works 'Martlesham Creek' and 'The Jungfrau' and in 1927 exhibited from 'Shirley', Grundisburgh Road, Woodbridge, Suffolk in six watercolours 'Evening Gleam from below Les Avants', 'Gimmelen, Near Murren', 'The Jungfrau from the Schynige Platte', 'Alpine Glow', 'Repose (Bachalpsee)', and 'The Coming Glow' it seems probable that he visited Switzerland owing to his poor health and his last two exhibited were in 1928 'The Jungfrau from Egerlsetscher'. Although his home was at Woodbridge, he died at Interlaken, Switzerland on 7 February 1931, leaving a widow and one married daughter Joyce (1905-1967), who married at Woodbridge in 1929, Arthur Cecil Ward (1900-1971).