1927 - 1977

Tom Mallin

Tom Mather Mallin, was born at West Bromwich, Staffordshire on 14 June 1927, son of Clifford Vincent Mallin (1887-1932) and his wife Olive May née Mather (29 May 1895-1978) who married at West Bromwich in 1919. Tom studied at Birmingham School of Art and won a scholarship to the Royal Academy Schools but after the Second World War, decided to study at the short-lived international Anglo-French Art Centre, London. He earned a living as a Bond Street, London picture restorer, working mainly on 17th and 18th century paintings while producing a prolific output of paintings, drawings, illustrations, prints and sculptures. He married at Paddington, London in 1949, Muriel Grace George [q.v.]. An artist, sculptor, novelist and playwright and, because he was used to working on paintings in particular styles, many of his own paintings betray the influence of those he was restoring at the time, but the works that stood out were those of corners of his home and studio in Suffolk. His emotional response to his own surroundings freed him from the stylistic restraints of constantly working in the guise of other artists, allowing his own talent to take over. In 1970, he became a full-time writer with five novels published, plays produced in theatres and also for radio. He lived in Clare, Suffolk and died in Suffolk in 1977.

Works by This Artist