BRANWHITE, Nathan Cooper

1775 - 1857

Nathan Cooper Branwhite

Nathan Cooper Branwhite, was born at Lavenham, Suffolk on 27 January 1775, but the 1851 census incorrectly gives St Alban’s, Hertfordshire, eldest son of Peregrine Branwhite, a Lavenham schoolmaster, and his wife Sarah née Brooke. His father Peregrine was baptised at Lavenham on 22 July 1745 and remained at Lavenham until shortly before his death in London in 1795. Nathan studied under engraver Isaac Taylor (1759-1829) at Lavenham. An English miniature portrait painter, watercolourist and engraver, who exhibited engravings, miniatures and small portraits at the Royal Academy 1802-1828 from Bristol. A gifted artist who was a member of the Bristol School of artists, who painted his sitters with considerable vitality and character and was Bristol's leading miniature portrait painter in the 1820s. He participated in the sketching activities of the Bristol School and was a friend of artist Edward Bird (1772-1819) and James Johnson (1803-1834) and in 1824 one of the organisers of the first exhibition of local artists at the new Bristol Institution. In 1832, he exhibited a number of works at the first exhibition of the newly formed Bristol Society of Artists, also exhibiting at the Bristol Institution. He married at St Nicholas church, Bristol on 3 September 1812, Hannah Burnell and they had at least four children with sons Nathan (1813-1894) and Charles (1817-1880) both became artists. Branwhite died at Clifton, Bristol on 18 March 1857.

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