1846 - 1902

Joseph Posford was born at Helmingham, Suffolk on 1 July 1846, son of Joseph Posford (1810-8 March 1888), a farmer of 256 acres at Helmingham, and his wife Eliza née Ashwell (3 October 1808-22 April 1889), who married at Helmingham on 21 August 1845. Joseph was a brother to Benjamin Posford and was educated at Christ's College, Finchley and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. In 1867 he joined the Indian Civil Service and in 1869 appointed joint magistrate & collector at Backergunge District, Bengal, working in Sylhet 1870, and several other stations in India before being appointed District and Sessions Judge in 1888 retiring in 1896. He married at Bucklesham, near Ipswich on 29 December 1886, Ann Rebecca Everitt (10 July 1847-5 November 1930) and in 1901 they were living at Holiday House, Wolsey Terrace, Felixstowe with their two daughters, Mary Elizabeth 12 and Mabel Annie Posford, both born in India, and they retained three indoor servants. Joseph was an accomplished draughtsman and watercolour landscape painter and a member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1890-1902, exhibiting from Falkenham Lodge, near Ipswich in 1890 'The House, Comillah', 'They Ayah', 'The House, Burrisant' and 'The Khansame' and in 1897 from Holiday House, Felixstowe, Suffolk 'Herons and Felixstowe', 'Nynee Tal and Cheena', 'Panorama from Tiger Village near Darjeeling', 'Al Simla, Elysian Hill', 'Marshman's Cottage', 'Rainy Season, Bengal' and 'Spring Season, Bengal' showing over twenty works 1890-1898 including in 1898 'At Walton Ferry' and 'Harwich Harbour from Peewit Hill'. He also exhibited at The Galleries, 104 New Bond Street, London in 1890 'India Illustrated by her Residents' . Joseph Posford built 'Foxgrove', High Road East, Felixstowe where he died on 21 December 1902, aged 56 and was buried in the nearby St Peter & St Paul Church, Old Felixstowe.

Works by This Artist