1832 - 1917

Herman Biddell

Herman Biddell was born at Playford, Suffolk on 16 June 1832, son of Arthur Biddell (1783-25 May 1860) and his wife Mary née Ransome (1789-21 July 1855) of Ipswich, who married at Greenstead, Colchester, Essex on 4 July 1817, Herman was a brother of Anna Biddell. The Biddell’s were substantial landowners and farmers at Playford, friends with Sir George Biddell Airy (1801-1892) and the Arthur Young families. He followed his three brothers to the little private school in Grundisburgh after which he learned the rudiments of farming under his father’s wing. Herman married at Burgh Church near Playford on 29 April 1870, Harriet Barlow (19 May 1847-27 July 1925), only daughter of Revd Henry Masterman Barlow, rector of Burgh, and in 1871, a farmer of the family's 550-acre Hill Farm at Playford where he lived with his 23-year-old wife and was a founder member and secretary of the Suffolk Horse Society. He exhibited at the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1881-1897 when his membership lapsed but he exhibited five paintings in 1881 'A Very Cold Morning', 'Mid-day Sun', 'Morning Clouds', 'A Peep at Playford' and 'Our Natives' also five in 1882, none in 1883 but four in 1884 including 'On the Hangings, Playford', which was for sale at 50 guineas, 'A Leaf from my Note Book in Wales', 'October' and another but did not exhibit in 1885. Still living at Hill Farm in 1891, together with his wife and four daughters and a son Herman, jun. of their seven children. Herman Biddell died at Archway House, Playford on 2 March 1917, leaving a widow and family.

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