1856 - ?

Somerset College of Arts

Somerset College of Arts and Technology in Taunton originated as the School of Science and Art and was established in Bath Place in 1856 which went on to become the Somerset College of Art. In 1898 a foundation stone of the Technical Institute was laid and in February 1900 the Institute was formally opened. In 1956 work began on the current site at Wellington Road, Taunton and by 1967 all departments were in open. In the early 1970s the College of Art was relocated to an award-winning building on the campus of the Somerset Technical College and became the Somerset College of Arts and Technology. In 2005 the circular, three story Atrium was opened incorporating a main reception and shopping mall area, information and guidance points, classrooms, and student common rooms, the Atrium houses the majority of the college’s Service Industries division. Other developments have included a conference centre, nursery and a new Health and Social Care centre also completed in 2005.