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1] The Bruton Gallery was at 13 Bruton Street, Mayfair close to New Bond Street, London. The gallery staged some important exhibitions including shows of work by Stephen Baghot de le Bere, Aubrey Beardsley, Susan Ruth Canton, Edward Gordon Craig, Walter Dexter, Edward Elliot, Jessie King, Finlay Mackinnon, Evelyn de Morgan, Austin O. Spare and Alfred Aaron Wolmark. The gallery closed around 1907 when the Baillie Gallery took over the premises where Baillie they remained until they ceased to trade in 1914.

2] The Bruton Street Gallery was at 28 Bruton Street from the 1990s, Patricia Herrod (born 1946), art collector was the former owner. It had an exhibition of the works of Ian Black in 1995, Simon Gales in 1999-2003 and Valerie Thornton.