1979 - ?

Society of Equestrian Artists (SEA) was established in 1979 by ten founder members under the chairmanship of Norman Edward Hoad (1923-2014), a notable equestrian and aviation artist, other members were John L Baker (1922-), Neil Cawthorne, Thomas John Coates (1941-2023), Gillian Estelle Hoare (1942-1984), John Gregory King (1929-2014), Lionel John Morris (1906-), Hesketh Raoul Lejarderay Millais (1901-1999), Frank Albert Antony Wootton (19141998) and the President Terence Tenison Cuneo (1907-1996). The SEA have had many accomplished and renowned artists within its membership and are committed to working hard for the membership by promoting their work through social media and exhibitions, annual exhibitions are usually held in August at the Mall Galleries in London. Part of their brief as a charity is education and to this end, they provide workshops up and down the country where their Full Members impart their knowledge and skill. Today (2022) the SEA has a membership of well over three hundred talented diverse painters, sculptors, and printmaker artists, many based overseas, who represent the best in equestrian art. The membership is open to anyone who wishes to support the Society through joining as a Friend. Friends who are artists may apply to be considered for promotion to Associate Members (ASEA), who in turn may become Full Members (SEA) by exhibiting their work with the Society over several years.