1910 - ?

The Byam Shaw School of Art, usually known as Byam Shaw, was opened in May 1910 by artists John Liston Byam Shaw (1872-1919) and Rex Vicat Cole (1870-1940) with the name Byam Shaw and Vicat Cole School of Art. It specialised in fine art and offered foundation and degree level courses. The teaching staff initially consisted of William Dacres Adams (1864-1951) and David Murray Smith (1865-1952) with additional lectures given by Caroline Evelyn Eunice Pyke Nott (Mrs. Byam Shaw 1870-1960), Kenneth Laurence Martin (1905-1984) and Percival George Silley (1875-1945) and other early staff members were Francis Ernest Jackson (1872-1945), who was principal of the school from 1926-1940, and Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale (1872-1945). The original premises were at 70 Campden Street, London and in 1990 they moved to larger premises in Archway. In 2003 it was absorbed into St Martin's School of Art.