BATTLEY, Michael

c.1986 - ?

Michael Battley was born in Ipswich but spent time living in Leeds, London, Australia, and Cape Town. He returned to Suffolk in his mid 20s and lived with his partner and their 9-month-old son in the village of Somersham, near Ipswich. Michael was a Travel Sales Manager at Imaginative Traveller and Dragoman and an amateur painter having revisited it again in recent years. He tries unconventional methods of applying paint to see the different effects it would have and is able to travel with his work allowing him to take influence from diverse cultures and festivals around the world. The sheep theme is the Hindu festival of Holi, a colourful and vibrant festival which is celebrated every March in India and Nepal and there is a randomness to the colours. He used Holi powder as used in the festival and recruited a team of five to help cover the sheep so it would remain a random display.