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Sue Stroud

Sue Stroud grew up in the heart of Suffolk and from an early age enjoyed painting, designing, and creating. In the 1980s she gained her ‘Certificate in Craft Materials – Jewellery, Ceramics and Textiles’, with Honours, at Lanchester Polytechnic. Over the years Sue continued to explore her art through various mediums but more recently she lived in Malta where she discovered that the thick texture and strong colours of acrylic paint were perfect for interpreting the Maltese scenes, resulting in acrylic painting becoming her favourite medium. Back in Suffolk, Sue is painting the things that interest her, exploring the Suffolk coast and countryside and the pretty villages. Shape and colour are her inspiration. especially colour, whether it’s the bright colours of a hot, still, summer afternoon or the muted colours of a misty, atmospheric, dreary day in winter. A member of the Suffolk Art Society.

Works by This Artist