CILMI, Monica

1971 - ?

Monika Cilmi was born in Catania, in the south of Italy in 1971. Monika completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts with a B.A. in Visual Art and a thesis in Japanese art print, postgraduate in Asian art and an M.A. by project in Fine art with research on Zen brushwork. She wrote critics for an exhibition in a Museum in Sicily and articles for a Sicilian Cultural magazine and published artworks in a book. She continued her travels to find inspiration and improve her skills firstly in Malta where she studied English and then in Germany and in 2003, she participated to an International Art-exhibition for young artists in Rome. Monika specialises in Japanese art and craft and works on commission to create gifts such as boxes, decorations, and paper jewellery. She also does research on drawing and painting with a specific interest in Zen brushwork and works on paper. Monica has exhibited her work internationally, and she works as both an artist and a tutor and taught privately in her studio at Gymnasium Street, Ipswich. She now lives in London continuing to study, doing research, participating to art-exhibitions, and helping disabled people with art. In her paintings, using ink in a calligraphic and abstract way she comes back to the historic and cultural past, associated to the scribe communication of oriental people and the modern usage of Chinese and Japanese ideograms and sometimes using a base of cork wood to recreate an old landscape.

Works by This Artist