RAW, John

1771 - 1855

John Raw, was born at Bolton Castle cum Redmire, Yorkshire on 28 March 1771, son of John Raw, and his wife Isabella, formerly of Reeth, Yorkshire. He married in 1801, Margaret née Manning (1861-1828), widow of Ipswich printer George Jermnyn (1755-1799) and carried on Jermyn's printing business in the [Old] Butter Market, Ipswich. He was described by John Glyde in 'Suffolk Worthies' as 'that crusty bookseller' and his shop in Herbert Chamberlain's 'Ipswich 200 Years Ago' as that 'dirty, narrow old bookseller's shop'. He was also a librarian and an engraver, probably his engraving was completed by an outside source, which were used in his 'Annual Pocket Books'. He sold his shop in 1834, but continued in Ipswich affairs in establishing a Mechanics' Institute. He retired to the Grove, just outside Ipswich where he died on 9 February 1855, when his estate was in excess of 18,000. [Copsey - Ipswich Book Trades (2011)]

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