PULHAM, James Brook

1791 - 1860

James Brook Pulham was baptised at Hadleigh, Suffolk on 9 November 1791, son of James Pulham (1765-2 May 1830), of Sudbury, later an attorney at Woodbridge, Suffolk, and his wife Frances Pulham, née Amys, who married at Woodbridge on 24 September 1787. James, the elder, was a friend of John Constable and a member of the literary and artistic coterie centred around Helmingham Hall, the seat of the Tollemache family. In 1818 Pulham, the elder, commissioned one of Constable's most successful portraits, that of his wife Frances. He also owned several of Constable's landscapes, including 'Dedham Lock and Mill', 'Harwich Lighthouse' and 'Helmingham Dell'. James Brook Pulham worked as a clerk in the treasurer's office at East India House, London where he was a colleague of Charles Lamb (1775-1834). He married Maria Violet, elder daughter of Pierre Nöel Violet. Pulham died at Woodbridge on 13 November 1860, aged 69, and buried in St John’s Church four days later, where there is his grave monument. Pierre Violet exhibited miniatures of James Brook Pulham at the Royal Academy in 1817. Pulham's wife left in her will ‘To my nephew Henry Ferriere, £20, and two large folio books of drawings and sketches by my said late husband’. A sale of a 'few books and antiquarian collections, formed by the late James Brook Pulham, Esq...including his very extensive series of the works of George Wither' were sold at Sotheby's on 8 April 1861. His second name is sometimes given as 'Brooke' but he was baptised and buried as James Brook Pulham and he sometimes worked under the name of Brook Pulham.

Works by This Artist