KING, Albert

1933 - ?

Albert King

Albert King was born at Mildenhall, Suffolk in 1933. On leaving school he went to work for an engineering works working with blacksmiths and wheelwrights using old methods. Albert has been carving and sculpting wood since 1956 and when a local art teacher noticed his work, she invited him to join her in an exhibition at the cloisters in Bury St Edmunds Cathedral since when he has exhibited all over East Anglia and many of his sculptures have gone off to various parts of the world. A self-taught wood sculptor spending time outside observing wildlife and nature, studying movement and motion of birds and animals. Having had an affinity with wood, enjoying the feel smell, and look of diverse types, when choosing to sculpt a bird or animal, he selects the piece of wood for its grain so that it simulates the feathers or fur of the subject. His contemporary pieces are unique in that they are from his imagination and vision for a particular piece of wood guided by the grain and texture of the wood. Each piece is signed with a crown and his initials. They also have a certificate of authenticity. A member of Suffolk Open Studios from 81 The Street, Beck Row, Mildenhall.

Works by This Artist