2017 - ?

The East Anglian Traditional Art Centre at 48 High Street, Wickham Market, Suffolk was founded in 2017 by John Day ([email protected]), to promote East Anglian Art. It houses its extensive library, the archives of many artists and The Day Collection of East Anglian Art. The material has been assembled over the past 50 years by the Day Family and items are available for loan to exhibitors. A team of specialists and enthusiasts has been assembled to research and document the works in the collections also to investigate other paintings and drawings brought to them. Their website gives enthusiasts a chance to learn about and participate in projects relating to Traditional Art in the Eastern region. It is the intention in establishing a comprehensive calendar which will develop into a facility for those seeking information about the region's events which relate to Art. The Centre is an independent concern which works with all sectors, public, private and commercial, with a mandate to increase awareness of the many talented artists who worked in the area within the period 1750 and 1950 and to encourage involvement through research, learning and collecting.
Website: https://www.eatac.co.uk