1958 - ?

Carol Mayston

As Carol A. Marjoram, she married at Ipswich in 1978, Michael J. Mayston and works under the name of Carol Mayston, she is the mother of Alison Mayston. Carol was educated at Claydon High School near Ipswich and was an engagement adviser for the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee at Environment Agency Ipswich from where she retired in July 2019. Carol is a self-taught artist, initially working in watercolours, combining different methods of blending, and masking the paper and paint but developed her work into mixed media to give her the use of a wider range of textures. Carol draws her inspiration from the natural world with walks along the coast, with the ever-changing light of the sky on the sea, stormy seas and the patterns etched by the water as the waves gather, break and dissolve into the shore. She is developing her work by using varied materials, blends of homemade paper, acrylics, pastels, and more recently homemade silk paper to include in her artwork and by using acrylics and the paper she can get the curves, texture, and motion of the sea into the picture. By blending colours, fabrics, and yarns one can achieve amazing designs with a textured tree trunk structure as a base.

Works by This Artist