c.1976 - ?

Kirsty Stutter

Kirsty Stutter graduated from Middlesex University in 1999 with a B.A. (hons) degree, continuing her education in East Sussex College Group completing a 2-year HND in Illustration. Living in Brighton, Sussex, she trained to become a secondary school teacher where she and her husband built a home with an art studio and workshop. With small children, Kirsty split her time between teaching art at local schools, working in her studio and looking after the family. After a few years working as an artist in Brighton, in 2003 she took a teaching post in Ipswich and relocated to Woodbridge in rural Suffolk. Kirsty is slightly obsessed about textures with a hands-on process of manipulating materials as it is important to have physical contact with the fabrics and enjoy the qualities of touch as much as form and colour. Combining tactile fabrics such as leather and suede with collages of papers, spray paints and pastels, she creates extraordinary three dimensional and highly tactile sculptural wall hangings. Kirsty's work is collected throughout the UK and in 2017 had work in the Washington Green Summer collection, and her first solo show at Woodbridge early in 2018 was a sell-out event.

Works by This Artist