1944 - ?

Joy Sayer

Joy A. Sayer was born at Bures, Suffolk in 1944, daughter of Victor Arthur Sayer (1920-29 June 2013) and his wife Vera Ellen née Cansdale (4 Aug 1920-1989), who married at Sudbury, Suffolk in 1942. Joy studied at Colchester School of Art and then became an art critic on a local newspaper before becoming a professional artist in 1971 and has illustrated children's books including Hedy Stapel-Valk's 'The Pancake King' (1971). Joy works in pastels, pencil, and pen and ink. Her first solo exhibition was opened at Debenham's Store at Harrow on 19 March 1976 'of the work of Suffolk born artist Joy Sayer. A great lover of the countryside, this is depicted in many of her pictures and in particular clouds and trees which hold a great fascination, and she has plenty of time to observe both, when on her daily walks with her dog, 'Silver'. However, Miss Sayer by no means confined her work to the area of her native village of Bures, but travels to the Midlands, Northern England, and many coastal areas. For most of the time Miss Sayer works in pastel...delicate tones for her portrait's studies and nudes, which she is also including in the exhibition.' (Harrow Observer 16 March 1976). Joy married in 1979 John Robert B. Graham (1935-11 February 1997).